Technology has advanced and many android applications have been developed. Daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly, there are many android applications being launched. Do you have your own app? Below are the 5 things to know before building your first android app.

Understand The Skills And Languages Deployed Building Android Applications

Most of the android applications make use of JAVA and XML. One should first understand java and XML well and comprehensively.XML encompasses android design and programming. Once XML gest combined with java, one arrives at building the best application. A lot of knowledge is available on the Internet on how to fix the two- Java and XML. The YouTube tutorials and other online tutorials on Java Development Kit and installation of the Integrated Development Environment are highly recommended for beginners. They help equip one with the skills and basics about Java.

In addition, the learners get to know how to use Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Building Your First App Needs Patience

The processes involved in the design and programming an android application are time –consuming. One needs to be cautious and tactical in building the first application. Developing an application is neither easy nor hard but, it is not possible to finish everything in hours.

The application launching needs to be done strategically and at the right time. This commands the number of downloads the Android application will get. The launching time depends on the purpose the app is meant for. For instance, the Android gaming applications need to be launched during summer season or Holidays. During the summer season and holidays, most of the children-targeted audience, are at home and can have fun.

Targeting the Appropriate Audience

Before you can start building your first Android application, it’s important you get to know your target audience. This is crucial as it helps one know how to design and the specific needs the applications should cater for. If the targeted audience is the children and teens, the graphics and layout of the application should be appealing. There should be funny sounds and animations to capture their concentration.

Finding Competitors And Related Applications

Building the first Android application should be done with a lot of expertise. Many people like going for the best application available in the market. Thus, it’s important to remain outstanding always. Additionally, good applications get an upper hand in getting discovered easily. The users also get attracted to them and get many downloads.

One’s level of creativity and Imaginations is important

The application developers should know what kind of creativity to deploy. The imaginations and creativity draw the attention of the users and make it possible for one to have a monetary gain. However, the applications should meet the specific needs/ solve a particular problem in the society.