With the current advancement in technology, app developers are trying so much to better and enhance our experiences with smartphones, tablets and other Android gadgets. Android version has led to many new and trending applications to get on the rise. It’s worthwhile noting that these apps have become affiliated and are much in common use with the latest Android versions available. Through these rapid inventions in the communication world, a lot of apps have become so simple and amazing with unique features. This features that are distinctive and unique have made the latest 2017 applications the best to work within the Android world. Hence, the Android apps that have been rated as best in 2017 include;


Google drive suit

Google maps




They are many applications that show the weather but 1weather has so far qualified to be the best weather app in 2017.The main reason is that its features are easy to understand and use. It shows one of the current weather, can predict the weather for up to three months .etc. Else, this app gives you several weather notifications at different times and at different places. With it, you are able to see the storms approaching due to its property radar that is able to detect.It’s an app that you can’t miss to try its experience.

Google drive suite

This is one of the apps that is costless and you can freely obtain it from in-app purchases. The suite of Android apps that work along with it makes this application so important. The apps that work along with it include; Gmail, Google sheets, Google Docs, Google calendar etc. When a new user signs up, registers and uses this app, gets 15GB.It is a solution for cloud storage available in android hence listed amongst the best apps of 2017.

Google maps

This application is costless. It has since then been rated as the best android app of 2017.If you easily want to access given places of interest, then Google Maps give you the best experience. Directions of all nature are normally made easily accessible by this application and hence the most preferred for navigation purposes.

Tasker App

This application is seemingly wondrous for one who is interested and has the passion to learn on how it works. Its only limitation is the time in that you have to be a little patient and learn on how to work with it appropriately. It allows users to come up with commands that are customarily made. The commands are then applied in various places. This app is very useful in that it can do many things at a go.

Zedge App

This app can be obtained freely. The Zedge app gives you a number of options to alter many of the basic parts of your device and customize them the way you want. It can customize wallpapers, notification tones, ringtones etc.


The listed apps above have been so far rendered to be amongst the 2017 best apps and you will find them really amazing with specifications that you will admire. Click here to know more